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Data Resources, Data Visualization, and Data Literacy: Home

An instructor’s guide to using St. Louis Fed resources in the classroom and at the library


FRED helps users tell their data stories. 

FRED is the St. Louis Fed’s tool to find, graph, download, and understand economic and social science data. 

GeoFRED allows you to create, customize, and share geographical maps of data found in FRED.

FRASER is a digital library of U.S. economic, financial, and banking history—particularly the history of the Federal Reserve System. FRASER can be used in conjunction with other Federal Reserve resources, including FRED, ALFRED, the Federal Reserve History website, and curriculum materials developed by the Fed's economic education staff.

Why Teach with FRED?

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) lets users download, graph and track hundreds of thousands of U.S. and international time series from dozens of sources. Create, save, update and share your own custom graphs using current and historical economic data.

The easily-accessed economic data on FRED:

  • increases student motivation because it can connect to compelling, timely issues
  • demonstrates the connection between textbook theory and actual data
  • shows what economists actually do when then tackle economic problems

Making Friends with FRED: One Teacher's Story