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Data Resources, Data Visualization, and Data Literacy: Dashboards

An instructor’s guide to using St. Louis Fed resources in the classroom and at the library

Why Create a FRED Dashboard?

Dashboards are a quick way to visualize data in a way that is meaningful and useful to you. Customize your own gallery of data resources to ensure easy access during an in-class lecture or guided discussion.


When you choose “Make Public,” a unique URL is assigned to your dashboard and can be shared with anyone you wish. Other people must receive the URL to see the dashboard.


Choose from several widget options. “Graph” is the most frequently used widget, but you can also add a data table, a single value (e.g., on a specific date), a data list, your own notes, or a saved GeoFRED map. You can also add a spacer widget to customize how your widgets display on the dashboard.


Get more help with FRED Dashboards