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Data Resources, Data Visualization, and Data Literacy: FRED

An instructor’s guide to using St. Louis Fed resources in the classroom and at the library

Getting Started with FRED

Develop Data Literacy Skills with FRED Interactives

FRED Interactives are online modules that teach data literacy and economic content at the same time. Students learn how to build and customize FRED graphs and then interpret the data–all within the Econ Lowdown Teacher Portal.

Quick Start Classroom Activities

10 FRED Activities in 10 Minutes - Simple step-by-step activities equip users to find and graph economic data, mastering FRED's look and feel. The guide also shows how to customize, save, and share a FRED graph.

FRED Features

With a free FRED User Account you can take advantage of 

  • Data Lists - easily share data series with students
  • Dashboards - display data series in a visually appealing way
  • FREDCast - play our game of economic forecasting to get your students excited about economic data

Create a free FRED Account to save your work in FRED and access all the features.

Data Lists - easily share data series with students

Dashboards - A custom gallery of teaching and learning resources

Are Your Students Ready for FRED?